Living with Sky-Frame - Moscow

Children see things clearly. Their imagination lets them gaze far into the future and see all that they can become. Some would call this naive, yet to others, seeing things clearly is what drives and inspires them. Ultimately, it is this vision that removes the boundaries between outdoors and indoors, bridging the distance between the routine and the fantastical. Life has no limits for those with vision. Realists see what is likely, while pioneers boldly fix their gaze on opportunities and possibilities. Where others seal themselves off, they open themselves up. Just like children, they share a connection with the world around them: with the surprising magic of the first fall of snow, the mysterious animals in the forest or the calm majesty of the moon.


In the hectic pace of everyday life, we all too often lose the desire to look at things in a new way. Our perspectives become narrower. The criteria with which we assess quality of life and of residential life change. Yet time and again we relive these moments of emotional elegance, when anything seems possible. On a clear night, marvelling at the stars above. When we sense the balance between the security of our home and the freedom in our thinking, which finds its continuation in the open spaces that characterise our residential architecture. It is here that we realise that we have arrived – and are relieved to find that we have not yet lost sight of the future.


The future, they say, is the sum of all possibilities. Moments of serenity we enjoy just for ourselves. The evenings when we feel truly at home, near and in the presence of our families, with people who are important to us. Moments when we gaze far into boundless space.


A view, not a window.

Director: Boris Noir
DOP: Julian Steiner
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Colorgrading: Marina Starke