Sky-Frame Metamorphosis

Architecture opens up new perspectives, leads the eye across endless expanses and gives a deep sense of absolute freedom. In the Cole Residence, a fantastically situated estate high above Los Angeles, these qualities merge together. A dance transports the audience to another world. 

We all long for the feeling of boundless freedom. Our thoughts should be able to unfold as we gaze into infinity. The soul breathes a sigh of relief as everyday life becomes less and less important. We want this kind of relaxation in our homes. But buildings should also offer us protection and security. There is an inside and an outside, both areas are clearly demarcated from each other. Architecture that blurs these boundaries emphasises spaciousness and aesthetics. The frameless window becomes the central design element, the seamless merging of perspectives creates a feeling of lightness, boundlessness and freedom.

Situated above the Hollywood Hills, the Cole Residence embodies all of this in a unique location. Contemporary dance is utilised to bring this transformative sense of freedom to life. The oversized Sky-Frame windows provide the perfect context for a dance performance that dynamically showcases the unique building and its surroundings. Moved and inspired by the boundlessness of the ever-expanding glass front, a mythical figure slips out of its cocoon during the dance, breaks free and transforms itself. The boundaries between outside and inside become blurred and the protective shell of the house opens up to the landscape and the sky.

This is the attitude to life that Sky-Frame wants to convey with its products. The architecture of the buildings we live in influences how we perceive our environment, how we move around in it and how we shape it. A view, not a window.


DIscover the Cole Residence


Directed by Boris Noir