Sky-Frame History

A passionate orienteering and hiking enthusiast, Beat Guhl loves challenges. And not only when it comes to sport, but also when it comes to business: striving to achieve his goals with a great deal of motivation and drive, taking ideas for innovative solutions and turning them into reality, and always seeking to beat his personal best. Born in Eastern Switzerland, Guhl is married and a father of three, and manages a staff of 180. 

Having grown up on his family’s farm together with his three siblings, Beat Guhl started out his career with an apprenticeship as a metalworker. He went on to study metalworking technology and also qualified as a Swiss certified metalworking master. At the University of St. Gallen, he completed his KMU-HSG post-diploma studies at the Swiss Research Institute of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship.

The international success story of a Swiss SME
His passion for tackling technical challenges and developing innovative products prompted him to construct large, flush-fitted and frameless sliding windows that would create unprecedented opportunities for architectural and spatial concepts. By using large-format glass panels, Guhl breathes life into his vision: the perfect symbiosis of functionality, timeless design and Swiss engineering. In 2002, Guhl patented his Sky-Frame system, and the state-of-the-art solution went on to conquer the market. A major breakthrough came in 2010: Sky-Frame became the first-ever thermally insulated metal sliding window to be certified. 

Sky-Frame has established itself among developers and architects as the leading international supplier of sliding window systems and has branches in Switzerland, Antwerp, Vienna, Milan and Los Angeles. The family-owned company makes tailor-made architectural concepts and living spaces a reality around the world and – true to its brand promise – offers its customers “a view, not a window”. Sky-Frame develops and manufactures its premium products in Switzerland. In this way, Beat Guhl demonstrates his connection to the country itself – his home country, where everything began.

  • 2021

    Development of Sky-Frame 3 Plain

  • 2019

    Development and certification by
    Sky-Frame Hurricane

    Sky-Frame worked with Stephan
    Hürlemann to create a unique exhibit
    for Milan Design Week,
    entitled “A Piece of Sky”

  • 2017

    Development of Sky-Frame Plain and Pivot

  • 2016

    Development of Sky-Frame Inline
    Introduction of new drive (SI-1000)

    Sky-Frame wins the Export Award of Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Prix Acier 2016, and the Architects’ Darling Award for the following categories:

    • Gold for Best Website
    • Silver for Best Social Media Presence
    • Bronze for Best Advertisements
  • 2015

    Move to new Sky-Frame headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

  • 2014

    Sky-Frame awarded the
    Prix SVC Ostschweiz

    Sky-Frame Slope and Sun developed

  • 2013

    Sky-Frame 3P certified as the first MINERGIE-P-module metal sliding window

    Sky-Frame Arc and Fly developed

  • 2012

    Sky-Frame 3 achieves a maximum sound-reduction index of 44 dB (IFT Rosenheim)

    Designers' Saturday Award in Gold for Sky-Frame

  • 2011

    Sky-Frame active on almost
    every continent

  • 2010

    Sky-Frame 3 certified as the first MINERGIE-module metal sliding window

    R&G Metallbau AG certified to
    ISO 9001:2008

  • 2009

    Awarded BATIMAT
    innovation prize in Paris

    High-insulation Sky-Frame 3

  • 2006

    Sky-Frame awarded Innovation Prize for Architecture and Technology

  • 2004

    Network of distribution partners set up

  • 2002

    First Sky-Frame system installed

  • 1993

    R&G Metallbau AG founded by J. Rüegg and B. Guhl, initially with three employees