«We have reached the stage where we are creating massive habitable sculptures.»

Gus Wuestemann, lives and works in Zurich and Barcelona.

Let’s philosophize a little about the frameless sliding windows made by Sky-Frame. What do you particularly like about them?
The system is such that a whole sequence of Sky-Frame windows can be moved in tandem along several tracks, thus allowing entire facades to be spirited away. The technical solution is a tour de force that effectively transforms interiors into covered external spaces. We always adopt this system for spaces that are designed to relate to the outdoor environment or where we are seeking to open up the facade.


Would you say that Sky-Frame supports your architectural concepts and designs?
Very much so. We have now reached the stage where we are creating massive habitable sculptures that only need an environmental envelope due to the prevailing climatic conditions. Where appropriate, we then specify Sky-Frame to create this climate barrier. Architecturally speaking, we are not using the sliding windows to open up the interior, but to close off the external environment.


And what does that bring in terms of living comfort and quality of life?
Free living in a monumental home landscape becomes possible as soon as the context of the building can be tuned out. By “free living”, I mean the rejection of convention and a feeling of well-being for the receptive occupant! This involves more than simply providing large window areas. It calls for a redefinition of the relationships between individual building elements. The architectural dimension fades into the background and a primal, timeless quality, a protective essence, a strong inner force becomes perceptible.