Villa Ginepro and CP3

Text by Daniela Moreira Silva. Villa Ginepro, an architectural project nestled in the landscape of Sardinia, is a project imbued with profound emotional depth and intimate design intricacies. Conceptualized by the architectural firm CP3, the design draws inspiration from the natural world and the client's personal connection to coastal landscapes and the resilience of nature. The villa's dweller, a San Francisco native, attests to a deep-rooted attraction towards "freedom, without barriers," something that eventually led him to dream about Villa Ginepro.

Located in the rugged beauty of Sardinia, the choice of the villa's location was influenced by the dweller's innate affinity for the sea and the raw, unrefined allure of this Italian island. His first encounter with Sardinia was marked by the harsh beauty of its granite rocks, sculpted over time by powerful winds and turquoise waters, a visual symphony that both intimidated and captivated him.

Villa Ginepro is designed to coexist with this unique geographical context. Its architecture takes cues from the region's elemental toughness, blending traditional and modern aesthetics. A distinctive feature of the villa is its protective design. According to the dweller, the villa's structure, akin to a mother's womb, safeguards its inhabitants from the elements while bestowing them with boundless vistas of the sea, a testament to their freedom and creative autonomy.

The architectural and design elements of Villa Ginepro uniquely contribute to the overall living experience. One significant aspect is the adoption of the NEWTRA trend prevalent in Korea. This design approach harmonizes new and traditional styles, seamlessly intertwining the past and the present without perceivable boundaries. After eight years of arduous work, Villa Ginepro stands as a testament to this timeless design ethos.

Living in Villa Ginepro is a transformative experience. The villa's design, coupled with its strategic location, provides an unparalleled encounter with nature's various moods. The dwelling is not just a shelter from Sardinia's intense winds and the severity of the sea, but a haven that allows for introspection and dream-building.

A vital contribution to Villa Ginepro is attributed to Diana, the dweller's partner. Her innovative design of the traditional windows and substantial input in interior design have allowed the villa to maintain its authentic soul while simultaneously embracing modernity. Ultimately, Villa Ginepro embodies the harmonious confluence of location, design, and personal resonance, continually nurturing dreams, celebrating freedom, and honoring the resilience of nature.