Living with Sky-Frame: Hamburg

The leaves are still sprinkled with delicate drops of morning dew. Outside, in Hamburg, the bustling metropolis in northern Germany, the streets are already a hive of activity as another working day begins.


Yet right now, early in the morning, is one of the few moments that you still have all to yourself. No appointments, no e-mails and no phone calls.


Time to savour a long, leisurely gaze over the Alster. To watch the seagulls glide silently across the sky. As you take in the great, boundless expanse, from a room flooded with natural light, the borders between indoors and outdoors begin to blur, as though the laws of physics no longer applied.


You feel the first rays of warm sunlight on your face. Aren’t these precisely the kind of moments which give you the energy you need for yet another hectic day? – A view, not a window.


This film was shot in The Fontenay, Hamburg’s new luxury lakeside establishment. When designing the hotel, architectural firm Störmer, Murphy and Partners took their inspiration from the surrounding parkland and the shores of the Alster Lake. The organic shape of the building is made up of three interlinking circles, intended to mimic the tops of the nearby trees. This is nature and urban design in complete harmony.


Perhaps the most striking aspect of the hotel is the unique way it blends modern classic design and contemporary lifestyle. The 130 rooms and suites use light, warm colours and quality materials to give an air of timeless elegance. Sky-Frame’s large frameless sliding windows create a sense of relaxed, open living.


Film & Concept: Boris Noir