Isolation by Luzian Schlatter

What does it mean if we are protecting ourselves by separating? How does isolation feel? This poetic fashion film circles around the state of loneliness, when one is forced to deal with one’s own self and the different emotions this special state of being provokes. Reflection, circling thoughts, lostness, lethargy, vanity, confusion and the strong desire for something to happen, for the absurdity to make sense, while we speed past each other in our own confined spaces. Together alone. What is life, if everyone stays in their capsule?

This fashion film was shot on location in Milan. It was shot inside a humanly accessible piece of art. The mirrored installation named «A Piece of Sky», was designed by Stephan Hürlemann for Sky-Frame.


Directed by Luzian Schlatter

Producer: Federico Morgantini
Starring: Diletta Paci
Fashion: Marine Serre
Creative Direction: Nora Baldenweg
Make-up: Elisa Ferranti
Hair: Roberta Anzaldi
Styling: Irene Lombardini

Music composed by Diego Baldenweg with Nora Baldenweg & Lionel Baldenweg from the LINA Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Courtesy of Great Garbo Music


Produced by CATTURA Production