Construction Journey

Documentation – Sky-Frame installation
For more than two years, we accompanied the construction of a villa in the Zurich area with our camera. We put a special focus on the individual steps of installing our frameless sliding windows.

As soon as the shell is complete, production gets underway in our factory in Frauenfeld. The profiles are milled, cut to size and already fitted with essential parts. They are then carefully packaged and labelled on large pallets.

A lorry collects the pallets in Frauenfeld and delivers them to the construction site at the agreed time. The heavy packages are transported by crane to the corresponding floor, where the profiles are assigned to the openings.

The profiles are positioned, aligned and anchored. This is followed by cleaning and masking with protective film until the construction is complete. The area around the frames is thermally insulated on all sides and sealed against rain and wind. This high-quality installation method allows the sliding window to merge with the building envelope, which later ensures an unparalleled sense of space.

Now, with the help of the crane, the panes – which can often weigh up to a tonne – also rise up to the already mounted frame, which will be almost invisible once the house has been completed.

Each pane is fitted precisely and then the vertical profiles are mounted. The panes can later be opened and closed with ease thanks to the patented Sky-Frame mechanism.

A few weeks later, the rain gutters are installed.

Shortly before the final cleaning, the retractable insect screen Sky-Frame Fly is inserted and screwed into place. It is frameless and invisibly concealed in the wall when closed.

The last appointment is for the final inspection. After completion of all construction and removal work, a final check and fine-tuning of all Sky-Frame systems is carried out by our fitters.

True to the Bauhaus vision of flowing spaces, the frameless windows open up the living space with a flush-fitted transition. This allows inside and outside to merge seamlessly into one another.


  • Interior door creation

  • Exterior door creation

  • Sliding door Drive

  • Sliding door Drive closed

  • Big door closed

  • Large sliding window installation

  • Window crane glass installation

  • Window clip carcass

  • Example window rain gutter

  • Large sliding window Emergence

Video: Alex Kleinberger
Text: Christian Brandt