Villa Mosca Bianca

Text description provided by the architects.
To create a secondary holiday home for my retired clients life with his wife and grown children who ocassionally visit. They wanted a relaxed lifestyle that included gardening, reading, swimming/ wakeboarding, eating on the terrace, cooking with a view, waking up with southern light, a view to the sunset from the bathtub, spaces to meditate and terraces to view the water at different levels.

The context of the actual site dictataed the shape of the house.  We wanted each bedroom experience to have a various enviorment in landscape by inserting fingers into each region. 

From the thick forrest of pine to the water edge of the lake. The site was key for didcating the unique design. The house is in three layers.  The heart, the inside, the inside/outside and outdoor terraces.

Because planning is counted on volumn, we wanted to create a central garden which made the home feel bigger but didn’t necessarily count as part of the area because it was open air. At the same time, it created a passive central ventilatoin system and added to the brightness and features of the interiors.

A lot of the interiors included natural stone- completely unpolished and unsealed that we really wanted rough and exposed.  Because the house is so minial and clean we wanted to create contrast within it. 

Unsealed travertine is so much more beautiful and natural then when it’s completely machined over.  We tried to make the house as simple as possible.  The local fabricators of all of the elements really added to the quality and detail of the home.