Villa Alva

⁠Nestled in the Finnish Archipelago, Villa Alva is an extraordinary summer retreat. Balancing sustainability, subtlety, respect, openness, and modernity is a testament to architectural finesse. The design aimed to seamlessly integrate the breathtaking landscape into the house while respectfully harmonising with the island's topography. The challenge was to blend the island's traditional forms with modern, contemporary architecture.

Embracing the principle of "less is more," the architectural response presents a classic, highly restrained pitched-roof house crafted in solid wood. To the north, it echoes Scandinavian characters with classical box windows. Opening generously to the south with fully retractable corner glazing leading to the terrace, it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, expanding the 100m² summer house into infinity.

The interior layout prioritises spatial experience, optimising for openness. Two inserted, non-full-height boxes within the open pitched-roof space house individual rooms, each offering an additional gallery area. The parent's bedroom box, featuring exposed concrete, seamlessly integrates with the living space through a steel-glass folding door, housing the kitchen as an oversized central island. In contrast, the entire interior merges seamlessly with the adjacent terrace, serving as a bridge to the surrounding landscape.⁠