In the heart of Vienna's neighbourhood, busy with urban renewal, PlusTerra embarked on a journey of transformation within the confines of one of the few remaining factory buildings in the area. The Danube River nestled them, and the loft, steeped in history and industrial allure, needed restoration, inviting PlusTerra to build a unique living space where motors and tricycles once were built.

The essence of industrial conversions lies in their raw authenticity, yet they pose unique challenges for inhabitation. With meticulous attention to detail, PlusTerra embarked on a mission to breathe new life into this space, reinventing it for modern, domestic living while honouring its industrial roots.

Stripping away the issues of a previous conversion, PlusTerra embraced the loft's expansive proportions, crafting a sanctuary that seamlessly melds privacy with spaciousness. The design called for two bedrooms, a library, and an office - flexible spaces adaptable to the evolving needs of a growing family. Throughout the family home, the building's industrial past is cherished through careful, honest detailing, be it the paint stains of former steel reinforcements left visible or the copper piping running along the bathroom ceiling.

Yet, the loft presented difficulties: its elongated expanse, given by its industrial origin, punctuated by windows on only two sides, threatened to plunge the central area into darkness. Enter PlusTerra's innovative solution - a combination of fluted glass and sumptuous curtains punctuating the spine dividing bedrooms and the main living area, fostering a delicate balance between light, permeability and privacy.

This soft, indirect light adds nuance and joy to the space, but the trustworthy source of light is the living room nook. As daylight cascades from above, courtesy of an awe-inspiring skylight, the pièce de résistance awaits - a magnificent Sky-Frame window that dissolves the boundary between inside and out. Stretching across the far end of the living room nook, this monumental window of 4,2 by 4,3 m unveils a lush garden beyond, inviting the outside world to mingle gracefully with the interior.

In a mesmerizing display of engineering, the skyframe window effortlessly disappears into the surrounding wall, blurring the lines between seasons and spaces. Winter's embrace is kept at bay, while summer bestows a breathtaking revelation, allowing the living room to spill underneath two vast Chestnut trees.

With this visionary design, PlusTerra has imbued the loft with a touch of California's famed indoor-outdoor lifestyle, a harmonious fusion of nature and craftsmanship amidst the bustling heart of the Austrian capital. In a realm where innovation meets tradition, PlusTerra's transformation is a testament to the enduring allure of thoughtful design.