Buckingham Road

The design features two gable forms connected by an entrance hall and landing, creating a seamless flow between the spaces. The house includes a family space, playroom, lounge, an office (concealed behind a James Bond-esque bookcase) four bedrooms, a games room and a gym.

The prominent use of brick is complemented by glass, concrete, and timber both inside and outside the property. Unconventional approaches such as stepped brick piers and brickwork soffits were employed to frame the entrance, while enlarged window openings with outer planes of brickwork provided relief and character.

To maximise daylighting and extend the living spaces into the garden, larger glass areas were incorporated at the rear of the house. This includes a two-storey void over the dining room, a corner opening pocket door leading to a covered veranda with a steel-lined circular rooflight, and adaptations of the stepped brickwork and soffit detailing found on the front elevation.

Despite facing challenges posed by the pandemic and rising material costs, the project was successfully completed over a two-year period. The house features enhanced insulation, airtightness, and an MVHR system to ensure energy efficiency.