CDC 55 Timeless Taipei

  • Des fenêtres coulissantes sans cadre.
  • Les fins meneaux de fenêtre forment le cadre du plus fascinant des tableaux: la vue sur l’extérieur.
  • Conçues et produites en Suisse, les fenêtres coulissantes sans cadre permettent de concevoir des architectures extraordinaires.
  • Grâce au design intemporel des fenêtres sans cadre, la vue sur l’extérieur devient un élément de décoration fascinant.
  • Grâce au système de portes coulissantes de Sky-Frame, vous profitez d’une vue spectaculaire.
  • Les atouts de nos produits: une vue spectaculaire.
  • Les fenêtres sans cadre ouvrent l’espace d’habitation: grâce à elles, l’extérieur s’invite à l’intérieur.

The design of the tower is based upon geometric clarity and an openness that is reflected in its horizontal and vertical organization. The building consists of two complimentary volumes, a transparent south volume and a solid north volume. The relationship between these two main elements is emphasized through a subtle shift in both plan and elevation creating a dynamism and variation in scale that responds to the immediate urban environment.

Richard Meier comments: “Natural light is a very important element of the CDC “55 Timeless” Xin-Yi Residential Tower and the architectural grid helps to bring all the elements of the building into a rational organization so that all of these elements are interrelated both horizontally and vertically. This by consequence affects the structure and the detailing of the building bringing everything into a harmonious whole.”

Sky-Frame contributes 1174 sqm of sliding windows for 112 Apartments. These are tailor made to meet the requirements of a Taipei based building. The triple glazed sliding windows are manufactured to withstand driving rain and wind load of up to 4.0 kN/m2. All windows are equipped with insect screens. Furthermore, Sky-Frame also installs a pocket door in the ballroom of over 4 metres in height.


Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Stefan Scheiber-Loeis

Project Management:
Richard Liu

Roland Halbe Fotografie