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Garangula Art Gallery, AUS

  • We specialise in frameless sliding windows.
  • Frameless windows open up a living space and allow you to live outdoors indoors.
  • Experience unlimited space with spectacular vistas.
  • Make your dream home a reality with the elegant window system from Sky-Frame.
  • Elegant, flush-fitted sliding doors.
  • Enjoy nature all year round with Sky-Frame.
  • The seamless fusion of interior and exterior turns the outside world into a stunning feature of the home environment.
  • Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made. It is synonymous with precision engineering and the quest for supreme product performance.
  • A clear advantage: unlimited views.
  • Sky-Frame glass sliding doors allow you to live outdoors indoors 365 days a year.
  • Sky-Frame – a unique perspective.
  • Sky-Frame sliding elements can be combined seamlessly with fixed glass panels.
  • Design and technology combined – Sky-Frame.
  • Sliding windows from floor to ceiling.

Sky-Frame for a light-flooded room

Fender Katsalidis Mirams, Australia

Gollings Photography Pty Ltd, Australia