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December 2015

The Fontenay, Hamburg

Hamburg-born star architect Jan Störmer titled his initial drawings “timelessly modern, modern classic”. In the heart of the Hamburg city, on the banks of the Alster lake, a new luxury hotel is being constructed based on Jan Störmer ’s designs and tailor-made for the many national and international visitors who come to discover and rediscover Hamburg. The amorphous shape with its sculpted roofscape evolved from three intertwining circles, which blend seamlessly with their surroundings and allow for a direct view of the Alster from nearly every room. The frameless sliding windows from Sky-Frame flood the rooms with light, giving guests the impression of being in the midst of urban nature.

The interior of the hotel reveals two open spaces: the Atrium and the Patio. The glass Atrium is made up of 198 satinised panels of varying shades which are fitted with LED strips and create continuously changing light patterns. The bright, welcoming Garden-Restaurant blurs the boundaries between inside and outside: the Alster lake and the “Alsterwanderweg” – Hamburg’s urban hiking trail – are just a stone’s throw away.
The Fontenay is a reflection of modern Hamburg and an homage to the Hanseatic city.

Störmer Murphy and Partners, Germany

Animated images of the architectural designs by Störmer Murphy and Partners.