The Pivot system turns opening a door into a creative act: the doors swing around the asymmetrically located axis, creating a temporary spatial structure. This could be the reason why Le Corbusier preferred these kinds of doors. With just a gentle push on the comfortable handle on the long side of the frame the door delicately glides open. The electromechanical multipoint locking system guarantees safety and security.

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    • Sky-Frame 1 Single glazing

      Single glazing

      Sky-Frame 1 The single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 system (12 mm) caters for applications without thermal insula-tion requirements.

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    • Sky-Frame 2 Double-glazed insulating glass

      Double-glazed insulating glass

      Sky-Frame 2 The double-glazed Sky-Frame 2 assemblies The double-glazed Sky-Frame 2 assemblies (30 mm) meet high sound and thermal insulation requirements.

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    • Sky-Frame 3 Triple-glazed insulating glass

      Triple-glazed insulating glass

      Sky-Frame 3 The triple-glazed Sky-Frame 3 technology (54 mm) further enhances the thermal insula-tion performance to meet the most stringent standards.

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    • Fly Insect screen

      Insect screen

      Fly Sky-Frame Fly allows residents to enjoy sum mer weather without being plagued by insects. When not in use, the pleated screen fully re tracts out of sight into the frame.

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    • Drive Electric drive

      Electric drive

      Drive The electric drive allows straightforward and virtually noiseless operation of the sliding elements at the press of a button.

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    • Guard Increased anti-burglary protection

      Increased anti-burglary protection

      Guard The Sky-Frame sliding window system is burglar-resistant and can, where required, be fitted with laminated safety glass and additional security hardware concealed in the frame. Alarm sensors can also be integrated to monitor the windows.

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    • Pocket Hidden sliding door

      Hidden sliding door

      Pocket When Sky-Frame Pocket is opened, the window elements slide into the wall so that living spaces are completely open, highlighting the magnificence of the interior architecture.

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    • Inline Flush-fitted glass panels


      Flush-fitted glass panels

      Inline These elegant beams with a visible width of just 30 mm make it possible to create spectacular flush-fitted glass panels by connecting frameless fixed glass panels with sliding windows.

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    • Gun Bulletproof version

      Bulletproof version

      Gun Security means quality of life. That is why Sky-Frame Gun features insulated security glass, reinforced frames and vertical profiles to protect against gunfire.

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    • Sun Shading solution

      Shading solution

      Sun The Sun solar shading assembly offers protection against heat and strong sunshine. The flat aluminium slats are carried on filigree guide cords that are easy to remove and fix back in place whenever necessary.

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    • Color Customisation


      Color Create your own Sky-Frame sliding doors: choose the profile colour and we will bring your vision to life.

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    • Hurricane


      Hurricane Sky-Frame’s hurricane-tested, frameless sliding windows are some of the largest on the international market. They comply with the criteria for the authoritative standard of the industry – High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) according to the Florida Building Code.

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    An overview of the product portfolio

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