March 2017

We care deeply about the environment

Thanks to the introduction of the new environmental management system and the ongoing development of internal processes, Sky-Frame is now officially certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

Protecting the environment is an integral part of our legal system and is one of the aspects of our company strategy that contributes to our success. Environmental protection in the workplace opens up a great deal of potential savings, in particular by reducing resource consumption and externalising environmental costs.


  • ISO 14001 makes it easier to identify areas of potential savings such as reduced resource consumption, which gives us an advantage over our competitors when it comes to lowering costs.
  • Complying with environmental regulations improves safety, thereby reducing the danger of incurring any legal consequences or encountering liability issues.
  • Our efforts to continually improve our environmental protections are moving forward in accordance with the corresponding regulations and we have been able to speed up the approval process.
  • As a certified company, Sky-Frame is a preferred supplier.
  • Our environmental policy contributes positively to employee motivation and allows them to more closely identify with the company.