June 2018

Kaestle Ocker Roeder Architekten for Sky-Frame

Marcus Kaestle
Andreas Ocker
Michel Roeder
kaestle ocker roeder Architekten
Stuttgart, Germany

When it comes to residential buildings, often clients want as few obstructions as possible. We enjoy exploring this thought through the concepts for our buildings.  Sky-Frame’s slim profiles and multiple tracks enable unrestricted views out over the landscape. The system totally transforms rooms and enables buildings to show different faces time and again. You could say that the removal of space-defining components – the blending of inside and outside is a long-held dream of architects and clients alike. The sense of being housed in a kind of cave, with hard boundaries, simply evaporates. Instead, you can live at one with nature, with a view outside, and more or less in tune with the seasons and the moods of the different times of day. Your sphere of experience and the spectrum of living naturally expand.