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    June 2018

    Architect Jonathan Segal for Sky-Frame

    Why architects in the US are choosing Sky-Frame

    Nowadays, modern architecture has to meet any number of requirements. Rooms are being designed with more than just the standard walls, a floor and a ceiling – they now also feature glass panels that enclose the entire space and are, for all intents and purposes, invisible.

    Building by Jonathan
    Jonathan Segal drawing a house.

    As Jonathan Segal, the renowned California-based architect, explains: “Our architectural concepts aim for purity and the removal of elements wherever possible. Today’s style calls for balanced proportions, lots of free space, and clear, defined shapes. In order to achieve this sleek, geometric style of architecture, we need a window system with minimalistic frames that are practically invisible, whether the windows are open or closed.” The Sky-Frame sliding window system combines all these requirements into one flawless solution that brings the outdoors indoors.

    In this video testimonial Jonathan Segal explains how architectural concepts are being brought to life thanks to the Sky-Frame sliding windows system.